Internationl Human Rights Alliance

To the Republic of Iraq Prime Minister and President of the Sons of Iraq Awakening… Mr. Wissam Al-Hardan… In the name of the administration of the United Nations International Alliance for Human Rights… We are pleased to congratulate you on the occasion of assuming the position of (President of the Sons of Iraq Awakening) in order to preserve the unity of Iraq from the north to the Its south and remove the danger that prolonged it and made it suffer a lot of displacement and migration, which led to the death of hundreds of innocent families due to the ISIS invasion. Therefore, we urge your hands and support you in order to stand up and confront such matters. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we, the International Alliance for Human Rights, stand with you and support you with everything we have. Powers in our field of work to stand by your side in order to support Iraq and its people and to save the Iraqi person in order for him to take his role in life and live with all luxury by preserving his wealth and not plundering it. Our role will be in all fields, either logistical or moral support, and this role will be through communication. With our ambassadors who hold Iraqi nationality, they are – Ambassador Dr. Rahim Abbas Al-Anzi, the Union’s international foreign relations official – Ambassador Dr. Mohsen Barzani, the Union’s Middle East official – Ambassador Dr. Nareen Barzani, deputy international foreign relations official for the Union This is for you, all the best from us.