Internationl Human Rights Alliance

The United Nations opens its doors tonight for Gibran the painter and the book “The Prophet” The exhibition “Gibran Returns to New York after 100 Years” opens at 6:30 pm today, Tuesday, New York time, in the United Nations building. The employees of the global corporation number about 4 thousand employees, from all over the […]

Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2023

In 2023, two-thirds of the population of Yemen—21.6 million people—will need humanitarian assistance and protection services.1 The 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen (HRP) requires US$ 4.3 billion to reach the 17.3 million most vulnerable people in need (PiN) of humanitarian support as a result of protracted conflict, displacement and economic deterioration, compounded by recurrent […]

Sudan: Progress in Darfur militia leader trial, but Government cooperation wanes

Presenting his latest report, ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan updated ambassadors on proceedings against Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman, also known as “Ali Kushayb”, charged with 31 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.  These atrocities were allegedly committed during the Darfur conflict which began in 2003, pitting Sudanese Government forces, backed by militia groups known […]

IOM Decries 50,000 Documented Deaths During Migration Worldwide

More than 50,000 people worldwide have lost their lives during their migratory journeys since IOM’s Missing Migrants Project began documenting deaths in 2014, according to a new IOM report published today (23/11). Despite the increasing loss of life, little action has been taken by governments in countries of origin, transit, and destination to address the ongoing global […]

Ukraine: UN urges collective action to “prevent man-made humanitarian catastrophe” this winter

The UN Security Council, in open session on Wednesday evening, examined the situation in Ukraine, as large-scale attacks against civilians and critical infrastructure continue across the country, with devastating consequences for civilians. While the Ukrainians desperately sought shelter from the bombing, they also had to deal with freezing temperatures. The latest attacks renew fears that this […]